Beccy Hands


Hello, and welcome to The Mother Box.

We are so excited to be able to offer these nurturing wellbeing boxes, carefully created to support you on your journey to Motherhood. We really hope they help you feel a little more held.

After a busy and exhausting career as a producer in the TV industry, I decided to take a bit of a leap of faith in 2000 and re-train as a remedial massage therapist. I’ve always been a bit of a birth junkie and very soon after graduating I decided to specialise my training in pre-and postnatal clinical massage. During this time, I also trained as a birth and postnatal Doula. I was lucky enough to undertake some of this training abroad, and it was working with midwives & physios from places such as Asia and South America that I really started to understand the importance of nurturing new mums, mentally and physically. Sadly, this isn’t something that we are great at doing in the west! This has been a driving force for a lot of my postnatal work with women over the years, encouraging new mums to really take time out to rest and recoup after childbirth.

Beccy Massage

I absolutely love the work I do and the friends that I make along the way, and I’m passionate about the techniques that I advocate. I may not rub shoulders with the rich and famous these days, but there’s honestly nothing I’d rather be doing.

When I’m not massaging, teaching massage or packing up our lovely boxes, I can be found hanging out in Brighton with my husband and my two daughters Ella and Isabel.