• Image of The Materna Tea Box
  • Image of The Materna Tea Box
  • Image of The Materna Tea Box
  • Image of The Materna Tea Box

Our Materna-Tea Box has been specially created for those who enjoy a cuppa as much as we do! With a brew to support you from conception to those first few weeks after birth, this is the perfect gift for any tea drinking mama or mama to be.

This box contains:

Materna Tea 1:
An organic herbal blend of Spearmint, Peppermint, Ginger, Chamomile, Rosehips and Lemon Balm. This stomach settling tea can help to reduce nausea, anxiety and sleeplessness.

Materna Tea 3:
An organic herbal blend of Red Raspberry Leaf, Nettle, Spearmint and Rosehips. A great tea, that can help tone the uterus and pelvic floor muscles and balance hormones before and after birth.

Mammas Milk Tea:
An organic herbal blend of Fennel, Nettle, Raspberry Leaf, Rose Petal, Holy Thistle, Alfalfa and Fenugreek. This tea can help enrich breast milk, increase supply and aid infant colic.

Relax and Renew Tea:
An organic blend of Lavender, Lemon Balm, Chamomile and Cornflowers. This calming blend can help relieve stress, reduce anxiety and calm the mind, body and soul.

Sachet of Postpartum Healing Bath Tea:
A unique blend of Comfrey, Lavender, Raspberry Leaf, Yarrow leaf and flower, Calendula, Rosemary, Sea Salt and Oatmeal for a soothing and healing bath after birth. Can aid healing of the perineum and babies umbilical cord.

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